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If you would like to listen to great singing in the bel canto tradition, please take a look at the list to the right.  
These are some singers I much admire.

“If the characteristics of a sound the singer wishes to produce are unclear in his own mind, little, if anything can be done to compel him to produce successfully a sound possessing such characteristics.” –Sergius Kagen, On Studying Singing

“Take a breath, and then forget about it.” –Jan Peerce, The Bluebird of Happiness (autobiography)

“The elementary qualities of good vocalization are: firstly, perfect intonation; secondly, equality of note value; thirdly, equality of strength; fourthly, equality of degree of legato; and fifthly, harmony of timbres.” –Manuel Garcia, Hints on Singing

Books by Cornelius Reid:

  • Bel Canto: Principles and Practices (1972)
  • The Free Voice (1972)
  • Voice: Psyche and Soma (1999) 
  • A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology (1983)
  • Essays on the Nature of Singing (1992)
  • Luisa Tetrazzini
  • Mary Garden
  • Amelita Galli-Curci
  • Alma Gluck
  • Frida Leider
  • Kirsten Flagstad
  • Rosa Ponselle
  • Hellen Traubel
  • Zinka Milanov
  • Dorothy Kirsten
  • Eleanor Steber
  • Birgit Nilsson
  • Eileen Farrell
  • Renata Tebaldi
  • Leonie Rysanek
  • Regine Crespin
  • Montserrat Caballe
  • Martina Arroyo
  • Teresa Stratas

  • Gladys Swarthout
  • Jennie Tourel
  • Ebe Stigniani
  • Regina Resnik
  • Christa Ludwig
  • Rosalind Elias
  • Teresa Berganza
  • Ernestine Schumann-Heink
  • Louise Homer
  • Maureen Forrester
  • Enrico Caruso
  • Leo Slezak
  • John McCormack
  • Tito Schipa
  • Beniamino Gigli
  • Lauritz Melchior
  • Jan Peerce
  • Josef Schmidt
  • Jussi Bjoerling
  • Nicolai Gedda
  • Jon Vickers
  • Fritz Wunderlich
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Placido Domingo
  • Tita Ruffo
  • Lawrence Tibbett
  • Leonard Warren
  • Herman Prey
  • Feodor Chaliapin
  • Ezio Pinza
  • George London
  • Cesare Siepi
  • Giorgio Tozzi
  • Norman Treigle
  • Walter Berry
  • Thomas Quasthoff

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A book honoring Cornelius Reid:

The Modern Singing Master (December 2004) 

Is available from:

Scarecrow Press 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200 Lanham, MD 20706 Phone: (800) 462-6420

A book by Sergius Kagen:

On Studying Singing (1960)

Is available from:

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